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30-09-2018 (H)


Dear ONA Member,

A very special thanks is sent to you all, members of the association, while we fully trust your continuous support. ONA shall God-willing, reach the level required to fulfill its objectives at the national and international levels. A special thanks also goes to my fellow board members and to a specifically to Heads of Nursing at public and private health care institutions, the DG of Nursing at the Ministry of Health and the academic team of College of Nursing SQU including Ministry of Social Development Staff at the Directorate of Associations and Club for their good support. I am surely very blessed to have them all amongst us all as a dependable team. The hours we have spent and continue to spend on working towards the list of activities of development of Prioritized action plan to meet the association objectives is well aknowledged. The work of which is based in the current strategic priorities. Increasing more Nurses joining ONA to be engaged with the association activities of sharing and applying meaningful and achievable objectives by enhancing the quality of Health care Nursing.

Collaboration with the professional body.

ONA would like to register the excellent collaboration and Cooperation with the professional bodies at the Ministry of Health and other related organizations. This indeed has been our motto towards enhancing

(a) Professional Practice and excellency

(b) Public Policy with advocacy for work force workplace. All of which will be fulfilled through advocating,

educating, communicating and indeed engaging Nurses.

List of activities already carried out.

A- Information, PR and Marketing Committee.

B- Educating Training and Development Committee.

C- Studies and Research Committee.

The Committee (a) is responsible for:

Financial sustainability of the association.

Establishing policies and procedures outlining the identification of potential non dues income campaign.

Donations request and tracking of funding.

The Committee (b) is responsible for:

Identifying, creating, and disseminating the best education and training as well as organizing Workshops ,Seminars ,and Conferences in collaboration with the concerned bodies through Board of directors.

The Committee (c) is responsible for:

Creating subcommittees to maximize the work on specific Nursing research based on the areas of need.

Other Committee.

In Cooperation with other organizations ONA is currently establishing a Committee to work on developing the bank questions for the National Advisory Committee on proposed National registration exams to practice Nursing profession in Oman.Please note, the ONA scope if deemed appropriate may include as well issues of National registration exams for the Nursing profession in the Sultanate.

ONA Board of Directors request to the Ministry of Health to lend us a venue to be the main office of the Association has been approved and handed over. Its location happens to be in the MOH complex of Educational institutions in AlWattaya Villa #1 Way # 10. We thank the Ministry for such valuable support.

ONA administration staff.

ONA administration will be joined by 2 of retiree Nurses as volunteers on a part time basis for ONA administration duties. The need for full time staff to be employed. Two additional staff to be recruited for full time position of administrative work of the association. This has been currently collaborated with the # of big companies in Oman where at we are hoping for fruitful responses by sponsering the salaries of the 2 staff.

Private Training Institute to join the ONA.

Private training institute that deal with Nursing training will soon join the ONA for collaborative training in various Nursing specialties after receiving the official approval from the Ministry of Social Development (MOSD).

Workshop/ Conferance

Preparation is undergoing for ONA to hold a workshop on disaster & Emergency management followed by a conference that will be announced later.

Caring Initiative

A Group of dedicated nurses are due to joined ONA with their initiative that will be carried out in Collaboration with ONA on assisting families who are not capeble getting medical Items/equipment necessary fortheir care.

ONA legal Adviser.

Professional lawyer for the ONA from a legal office in Muscat will work at the capacity of providing legal Advice to ONA. His work is expected to commence once the approval from the MSD is secured. ONA members will have the privilege of a discount rate should they seek legal assistance accordingly.

ONAs plan to join International council of Nursing.

Communication with the MSD for joining the International council of Nursing (ICN) and the educational establishment (under the umbrella of ICN) for continous professional Development is completed , subject to approval from the concerned body in the Government . The above mentioned organization is well known Globally. It is a federation of more than 130 National Nurses Associations representing millions of Nurses worldwide. Operated by Nurses and leaders in Nursing Internationally . ICN works to ensure quality Nursing care for all and sound health policies worldwide. The ONA is looking forward to benefit from this esteemed organization in order to identify and address the key issues in Nursing profession and how nurses impact the health and well-being of patients family and


ONA call for assistance during cyclone in Oman.

The call made by ONA for seeking assistance in the days when Oman experienced cyclone this year ,ONA board members were astonished by the readiness and the responses of Nurses throughout the Country. In this context the board members congratulated all Nurses in Oman for such speedy responses to the call for volunteerism during the month of May this year when Governorate of Dhofar and Al Wustaa experienced cyclone . The call of which has received registration of so many many Nurses. This indeed has reflected dedication towards professionalism.

ONA with the support of its members will continue to exert its efforts at its best ,though it is a bit slow at this initial stage,but surely will boost its endless efforts toreach to Maximum capacity for the benefits of both its Nurse members and thepeople of Oman.Thankyou to one and all

ONA Board of Directors

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