ONA Member cards

20 – 01-1440 (H)
30 09 2018(G)

Dear ONA Member,
This is to inform you that your membership card for the association is finally  completed and you are able to receive it in due course. The validity of the card is up to September 2019. Please note that the delay in getting the card printed is due to lack of logistics and funds as well as high printing cost.

However the delay has been a bit longer because of the association infancy stage. In the meantimethe board members remained obligated in minimizing the cost, an action which is imperative for sustainability of the association. But we are now happy to inform you that sufficient resources are in place and we are hopeful to distribute the related cards to respective members with the immediate effect.

Congratulations to all the soon to be card holders and would be much obliged if members could also spread a word around to all nursing colleagues who have not registered to do so as soon as possible in order to promote and highlight the significance of the Oman Nursing Association.

For those who either did not receive their membership card or have received it with incorrect name or incorrect photo, kindly send us email message on this address ( onajamiyah@hotmail.com). Please indicate the missing point/item with your address in order for us to respond to you at once. To learn more on assocation activities, kindly visit ONA’s website.

ßest regards to you all.
Board of Directors.

Email : onajamiyah@hotmail.com / osnidget@hotmail.com    Web : www.oman-nursing.net
P.O.Box:143, P.C: 101, Office No: 22, 2nd Floor
Al Rumaila Building – Wattaya
Muscat – Sultanate of Oman
Main Office: Complex of College of Health Science and Higher Institute
Health Specialities Wattaya. Vill No: 1, Way No: 10

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